NAPSTER, and Things We Hope Our Fans Will Consider
By Paul Burke,founder of Diskatopia Records

With the advent of Napster, the face of music has changed rapidly, probably not for the better, but immutably, with the probable end result being that up-and-coming labels and artists like are here at Diskatopia will be struggling that much harder to make a living. Larger labels will suffer also, but not nearly as roughly as we small guys. Having spoken to several Diskatopia artists about the issue, I find that we are all dreading what Napster will do to our incomes, but since illegal digital transfer is really unstoppable, there is not much we can do except ask for our fans' support in the following ways:

1)Please do not upload online or digitally transfer full-length tracks of our artists' releases. If you or someone wants an MP3 to see if they would like one of our artist's music, feel free to send them 60 second or so sample MP3s of of our tracks, or point them to our website, where we hope to eventually have streaming samples of all Diskatopia releases, or call the local college radio stations and tell them to play it for you (most of the 300 stations we send releases to will be happy to play our stuff for you) .

2) If you really like one of our artist's music but can't find the CD, email us and we'll gladly sell you one or point you to an online seller which has our releases in stock ( such as Amazon,, KTel, etc.).

3)If you are an ultra-green and consider packaging a waste and just want the music, but also are ethical and understand that the artists work hard and sacrifice a lot to be able to create this wonderful music, please consider sending us $0.50 for each Diskatopia track you download through Napster, Gnutella, or whatever. Be sure to include the artist's name when you send money, so that the money can be allocated to the correct artist... 80% goes to the artists, just 20% to Diskatopia, so the artists are not "screwed" here like they may be at other places.

4)If you are really, really poor, and just can't afford to send us money, do us this favor: find a college radio station in your area that will play our music, and, for each track that you downloaded, please call them daily for three days in a row and request Diskatopia music. 

5)If you are just a cheapskate and want everything for free, well, there is nothing we can do except say that "Karma's a bitch."

Diskatopia's artists and I thank all of our fans out there who have respected us and gotten us so much college radio airplay. We need all the support we can get to overcome the big$$ which the Big Labels have to corner the market.

Paul Burke
Diskatopia Records